The New ,the New at FKF

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Football is changing ,so it is in Kenyan football but instead the change is rather negative than positive,the article below focus on Lower leagues in Kenya and how the changes has affected the teams



Our local leagues have changed:today we have new teams all over,whether they have a history of steady wise growth is a nother case.


At KPL level,many argue police Fc has lost it's tradition due to pressure from top management,infact the resignation of former national team skipper Musa Otieno is but a tip of the ice bag.


Teams are just capitalising on money to destroy the league in terms of the growth curve. 


For example Gogo Boys history is not comparable to the likes of many teams in the NSL and many others that have been there before,but that is not the point.


Enter Rainbow Fc,a team which come came up last year under the watch of the Caretaker Committee but now making forrays in Division One. 


One sad bit is that the mode of recruitment,many players have been lurred to sign pre-contracts due to their poverty ridden backgrounds. That a family is given shopping with a multitude of promises,heaven on earth. 


The scouting is keenly romoured to be led by one Hesborn Nyabinge and a western based Premier league coach due to their under 20 links with the Rainbow supremo.


We have received numerous complaints from many teams as to this high handedness and only wish the basic routines were followed. 

Is our football going to rot because of a few clubs who believe money is everything?


What happened to our league strata in terms of requiring teams to state their sponsorship and source of funding and academy growth?


The scouts are now keen to decimate Dimba Patriots and it is believed one of them is keen to have one coach Shaban out of Dimba Patriots yet he has been not been actively engaged in the game since his ouster at one of the glamour western based clubs. 


Why do our coaches fail at coaching active football but are so active on social media as "instructors" and gun for hire like scouts.

More exposes with facts will follow through this week,stay tuned.

Hawa ma coach wanatuangusha na si poa!!!