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Recently someone asked me last week how I was doing. I told them, “I’m refreshed and enamored”.
This comes from a moment of epiphany and reminiscence of this statement 'Maybe the real journey was the people we met along the way' and I am elated to have met these two amazing, elegant ladies along life's journey and I truly truly appreciate you my people @dayzeefavour & @vkey_tendo
I celebrate you 🎉🎉
People never connect with our perfections and performance. All that’s slick and shiny about us repels them or scares them or makes them shrink back.
But our tears? They are liquid magnets drawing others in. They are a river of reality. A healing for hurts. A bonding for brokenness.
And no time showing up and bringing compassion to another human is ever a waste of time.
Quiet moments of compassion are epic moments of battle. They are a chance to play a crucial role in God's story of redemption.
Think about the kind of people you want standing beside you in those moments dripping with disappointment and saturated with sorrow.
I feel sure it isn’t people who don’t know the whole story, draped in gold-plated pride with mouths eager to spill out commentary like, “Here’s what you did wrong. I would never have allowed myself to get in this position. If only you would have . . .”
No. It’s those clothed with garments of understanding. They have personally experienced that life can sometimes make it excruciatingly painful to simply be human. They keep in mind the Bible’s instructions, as we rub shoulders human to human. “Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience” (Colossians 3:12).
When people see us, do they see the compassion of their Creator?
If so, I guarantee when the enemy sees us he shakes with fear. He isn’t scared of the judgmental soul shellacked with a fake sense of perfection. But the compassionate soul who has hurt deeply and come out loving? Yes, he is the one you want near you in the battles of life.
He wears well the scars of suffering and can’t wait to tell you his survival story so you, too, can survive. He is the kind of Man I want to be.

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